Selling a house

You want to sell your house in the Rotterdam region. Determining the right asking price and choosing the right presentation of your house are just a few of the things you have to do when selling your house. Working with a sales broker gives you peace of mind and makes it more trustworthy for the potential buyers of your house.

With our knowledge and experience in the field of selling homes in Rotterdam, Vogelenzang de Jong real estate agency supports you in this process. We know that no sales are the same, each property has its own target group with specific characteristics. Therefore, we work very carefully and attentively to map out these specific characteristics.

You can also expect us to keep you well informed about developments throughout the entire process. For example: we ensure that the reactions of potential buyers that have been to a viewing of your house are quickly reviewed with you and we make sure that you receive statistics from the online viewings of your home via different platforms such as our website. Our service is far-reaching; even long after the actual selling of your house we are happy to answer your questions.

Selling a house with an NVM real estate agency

Just like you, we want the sales process of your home to run as smoothly as possible and that all par-ties are satisfied with the result. As an NVM broker we can ensure this professionalism. At Vogelen-zang de Jong real estate agency you will only be dealing with trained and certified brokers and back-office staff, so you are assured of expert advice. We are affiliated with the largest sector organization in the real estate industry in The Netherlands, the NVM. A quality mark of professionalism and quality within the industry.

Sales advice

We would like to get to know you during a completely free intake meeting. Based on this conversation we can advise you on the sales strategy and we can determine a tactical asking price. We are happy to give you an explanation of our working method and our competitive and fair broker rate.

Activities Vogelenzang de Jong

What you can expect from us when selling your house:

1. Recording the first conversation

In order to give good advice, the real estate agent will come to your home to discuss the pos-sible sale, your wishes and to view your house. The broker / appraiser records as much infor-mation as possible such as the type of property, size, content, specific characteristics, architec-tural quality and layout. In addition, the broker / appraiser gives you advice on how the presentation of your house can be optimized. Based on the recording, a complete sales advice is drawn up.

2. Sales advice

The broker carries out research into the value of your house, a tactical price to ask and the op-timal sales presentation for your home. We will make a complete sales advice report for you. As soon as we have discussed our findings by telephone with you, we will send it to you by e-mail and, if required, we will send it to you by paper mail.

3. Determine the sales strategy

In the strategy discussion your broker will explain the sales method that suits your situation best. Consider, for example, the strategic planning of individual viewings and possible ‘sale at registration’ in case of excessive interest. In practice we see that a creative sales strategy in the current market can make the difference between a good result and an astonishing result. That is the added value of a quality broker like Vogelenzang de Jong!

4. Legal preparation

There are many new responsibilities that come with selling a house. Perhaps the most im-portant responsibility is the duty to report. We would like to make an appointment with you before we start selling your home. During this appointment we will personally guide you through the official forms: questionnaire part A, questionnaire part B and ‘the list of matters’. By completing this together with you, we take away one of the biggest obstacles when selling a house. We want you to feel carefree.

5. Working with a professional photographer

There is no second chance at a first impression, so excellent photos are of great importance for the sale of your house. Good photos give an idyllic but realistic picture of the house. That is why the use of one of our professional photographers is an important part of our service.

6. 'NEN2580' measurer

You obviously want to sell your home without any worries. This includes providing the right in-formation to potential buyers. We use a professional party that maps out your property by means of a measurement certificate and sales plans to give the candidates a clear picture of their potential home.

7. Writing the sales text

A surprising sales text can certainly promote sales, which is why we write an enthusiastic sales text for your house. We use this sales text on social media and other online platforms, such as Funda.

8. Approaching potential buyers

It may sound crazy but often we already know the buyer before your house is even on sale. This is because we have a large number of clients who have registered with us who are looking for a home in the Rotterdam region. Of course we approach them personally as soon as your house is on sale. Do you want to be included on this list yourself? Then call our office or send us an e-mail.

9. Your house on social media

We ensure that your house is available online for everyone; both on Funda and social media as well as our own website.

10. Visible for sale

To inform local residents and visitors of your street, we put a 'for sale' sign in your garden or hang a striking 'for sale' sign on your façade.

11. Viewings

Personal visits with one of our professional brokers are experienced as extremely pleasant by potential buyers. This is because we do not organize open houses and can discuss a lot of ar-chitectural, legal and neighborhood-related information with potential buyers. Come and talk to one of our brokers and become enthusiastic yourself!

12. Negotiations

As soon as a potential buyer shows interest, he often makes a proposal to you in consultation with our brokers. We also call this an opening bid. It can also occur in this market that in the event of multiple bids, ‘sale by registration’ is chosen as a strategy.

During the negotiation process we are a reliable party that represents your interests. We un-derstand that this is an exciting affair for many people. We will constantly keep you informed about the sales process. That is why during this process we are also available for consultation during the evening hours and during the weekend.

13. Purchase agreement

As soon as agreement has been reached, we draw up the purchase agreement. When all par-ties agree with the concept, parties are personally invited to our office. During this appoint-ment, we will explain the purchase agreement again and you can sign the agreement. In this way both parties know exactly where they are at, which is such a nice feeling!

14. Legal affairs

Many responsibilities are involved in selling your house, including a lot of legal matters. That is why it is important that we build up a legally strong file with you. We understand that selling your house is often an exciting event, which is why we like to take the lead. For example, you do not have to complete the complex questionnaires alone, but we are happy to assist you. In this way, you know that our expertise provides you with a meticulous compliance with your reporting obligation and it saves you a lot of time and effort.

15. Always up to date

We think transparency is very important. That is why we always keep you informed of all de-velopments. Via telephone contact and e-mail we keep you up to date about every viewing request and bid. In addition, you can also reach us by phone in the evenings and at weekends.

16. More information?

For more information or questions about selling your property, we invite you to make an appoint-ment with us. This can be done simply by calling 010 218 4400, sending an e-mail to or via the contact form on the website.